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Virtual Field Trips

Take virtual trips to various places around the world without leaving the classroom. These multimedia-rich sites include video, audio, panoramic views, and live Webcams. Visit the White House, United Nations, rainforests, and various countries. Missouri locations include the state Capitol, the governor’s mansion, the St. Louis Zoo, and the town of Weston.


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Use the links to view animals at the Smithsonian Zoo. Includes a flamingo, tiger, and elephant.
This site offers a tour of the nation's Capitol in both high and low bandwidth. If you are connecting at school, try the high bandwidth option first for a faster connection.
First select a continent and country, then click on "Go." Then click on "View Slideshow" in the upper right corner to see scenic pictures of the featured country. NOTE: Not all countries offer slideshows.
Visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Ming Tombs in China.
This site provides many examples of virtual field trips created by Tramline.
Take a virtual field trip to 13 countries that are struggling with issues of poverty.
This site is full of activities for K-12 students. Take virtual field trips presented by Snaith Primary School and made for young students. Includes Ancient Greece, a farm, a castle, and more.
Take a virtual journey to learn about earth's history. You can explore by time period or by location. The reading level is for older students.
Click on the thumbnail photographs to see enlarged views of the United Nations.
Take a virtual tour of the human body by exploring the different parts. Includes interactive activities.
Explore this site to learn more about weather stations.
Choose a connection speed and then begin the tour to learn more about space weather.
Click on the panoramic images to explore the town of Weston, Missouri.
Navigate through this site to view the rooms inside Missouri's Governor's mansion.
This live view of the St. Louis arch shows the conditions of the air and what it should look like in ideal conditions.

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