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Writing: Newspaper Articles

These sites have tips for writing newspaper stories. Learn how to write using an inverted pyramid and answer the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Includes information about headlines, leads, and story angles. Student interactives are provided to assist students in creating a school newspaper. There are links to eThemes Resources on newspaper production and news sites for students.


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Use this lesson plan to create a newspaper that assists students in understanding the processes of a revolution. A rubric and link to a ReadWriteThink lesson are given.
This student interactive allows the creation of newspapers, brochures and flyers. Students can select from a variety of templates for their writing.
This lesson plan includes information about the core democratic principle of Freedom of the Press. Additionally students will be able to identify the basic elements of a newspaper article and how to write one themselves.
Use this lesson plan to work with students to create a school newspaper.
This site provides numerous links to lesson plans and activities to use with students.
This three-page PDF explains how newspaper articles use an inverted pyramid to structure a story. The second page has an example, and the third page has a sheet for students to complete.
This one-page PDF lists the five W questions that students can answer before they write a newspaper article.
Read a transcript of an interview with a newspaper editor to learn more about this type of job.
Read examples of news writing, then get suggestions from actual editors on how to write news articles. Click on "Teacher's Guide" for lesson ideas.
Students can read about the history of the newspaper, how a newspaper is produced, and much more. NOTE: The site includes ads.
What makes a newspaper tabloid different from a normal newspaper? Find out by reading this article. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites have tips on creating a newspaper for elementary classrooms. Includes information on interviewing, writing, photography, advertising, and circulation. There are also activity ideas for using newspapers as a teaching tool.
These sites have news and features that are geared toward elementary students. Includes current news and some quizzes.

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