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Mathematics and Bridge Constructions

Learn how to plan, design, calculate, and construct a model of a bridge. Find out how mathematical concepts of ratio, proportion, and scale are implemented in the bridge building process. Includes worksheets, lesson plans, an online truss calculator tool, and games. There are links to eThemes resources on building bridges, architecture, and mathematical ratios and proportions.


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Learn about the types of bridges. Information to build several types of bridges using different materials is given.
Learn about the pros and cons of building a particular bridge for a site.
Learn about bridges of the world, types of bridges, and solve problems for providing the correct type of bridge.
Learn mathematic proportions and use them to scale bridges in "Activity 1".
Explore links on this page to learn about bridge design, sizes, proportions, influenced forces, and more. Click on "Databank" for an online tool to calculate size and proportion.
This is online tool that can help kids to calculate and design correct trusses for a bridge.
Here are images of bridge trusses that can be used for designing bridges and in geometry.
This is a lesson plan for kids from fifth through twelfth grades. It has background information on different types of bridges and can teach kids how to build a suspension bridge. Use the "Next Page" link at the top for navigation on the site.
Learn about various types of bridges: beam, arch, truss, cable stayed, suspension, and others. Find out about different bridge designs. Learn what materials are used in bridge building. Discover what forces influence bridges and what engineers need to know before building a bridge. Includes photographs, schematic drawings, online games, video clips, and instructions how to build bridges from paper, toothpicks, and marshmallows.
Learn about architecture around the world including how the St. Louis Gateway Arch was built, Hoover Dam, famous architects, and stories about the people who built them. There are sites with lesson plans on how to teach students to draw floor plans, make blue prints, and draw their own architectural plans. Also included are several pictures of famous structures, lists of architecture books, and glossaries of words.
Learn ratios and proportions. Find our how knowledge of these mathematical concepts is used in everyday life. Includes lesson plans, animation, online and printable worksheets, online exercises, games, and quizzes.

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