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Water Cycle: Explanations and Illustrations

These sites explain the water cycle and include the topics of evaporation, precipitation, and condensation. View several diagrams explaining the cycle. There is a word search and a quiz. Includes links to eThemes Resources on water cycle experiments and Missouri’s springs.


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This is a fun, illustrated site that explains the water cycle.
View this colorful illustration to learn about the water cycle.
This site has text and an illustration of how the water cycle works.
This is a short explanation of the water cycle.
View this animation that explains how the water cycle works.
Students will use online resources to gain understanding about water cycle and build a model. NOTE: This site has links to external website.
This page has activities and classroom resources relating to ground water and drinking water. The resources are categorized by grade levels.
Click on the links under the diagram to get more information different sources of water cycle. There are also diagrams available in other languages.
This eThemes Resource has hands-on experiments and projects on the water cycle and water purification.
Learn about some of the more than 2,900 springs located in Missouri. The springs include Alley Spring, Big Spring, Round Spring, Maramec Spring, and more. Find out how a spring is formed from groundwater. Includes many photographs of these natural wonders. There are links to eThemes Resources on the water cycle.



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