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Africa: Adinkra Cloths

These sites show and tell about the history of adinkra cloths, an art form from the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Cote’ d’lvoire. Includes sites about the Ashanti tribe that also wears this type of clothing. There are also related eThemes sites on Africa and Ghana.


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This site visually walks you through the steps for making adrinkra cloths.
This site provides an index of the symbols featured on Adinkra cloth and what they mean.
Use this PPT to teach your students about the history of Adinkra cloth in Africa.
This 26-page PDF provides background and information about the cultural symbols of the Asante people
This site is a YouTube video that demonstrates how Adinkra cloth is made. Subtitles are provided.
This site contains a short history for several Adinkra symbols and stencils to use for artwork. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Click on "Create Your Own Adinkra Cloth" for directions on how to make an adinkra cloth.
Here is a list of Adinkra symbols and their meanings. NOTE: Site includes ads and pop-up ads.
Here is an introduction to common crafts made in Ghana, including adinkra cloth.
These websites are about Africa. Here you will find information about African people, governments, languages, and culture. There are interactive timelines and exhibitions where students can explore African history or learn about African art. Included are several eThemes resources on related African themes.
These sites are about the Republic of Ghana, located in western Africa. Read about the customs, government, and history. See images of the Kente clothe and learn about the Ashanti people. There are links to eThemes Resources on Africa and adinkra cloths.

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