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Agriculture: History of Farming

These sites are about the history of farming and agriculture. Includes information about farms and ranches in the U.S. Learn about tools and techniques used in the past.


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This interactive site engages students in learning how food reaches their plates today and in 1845. A teacher guide is provided and also links to primary sources.
Use the variety of resources with students to present the history of agriculture around the world.
Use this webquest with students to learn about Laura Ingalls Wilder's journey to Mansfield, MO. Students will become aware of why the family moved and the agricultural opportunities the Wilder family observed along the journey.
Students will learn about the evolution of farm equipment through an online game. Students will learn about the importance of machinery and equipment in helping farmers increase their productivity.
This lesson plan provides steps for a research project involving historical aspects of farming and applying them to modern farming which would be in harmony with the environment and more profitable.
This video (14:48) follows one family's ownership of a farm in Wisconsin. Viewers will see a progression of subsistence farming in Wisconsin from presettlement days to modern commercial farming.
This ThinkQuest tells about farming and agriculture. "Discuss" contains discussion questions that go along with this site.
This is a short introduction to the history of farming in the U.S. The "First Farmers" and "Pioneer Farmers" links at the bottom have more information.
Read about the African American struggle to farm in the U.S. by choosing a section from the left side menu. Click on "Download the complete history" for a nine-page pdf of the story. There is a link at the bottom for a timeline and stories from African Americans.
This is a documentary on farm houses in the Heartland. Includes audio and video clips, poetry and essay excerpts about life on the farm in America's past.
Read about John Deere and the beginning of his farm equipment business.
This site has photos of and information about farm tools that were used in the 1800s.
Take a virtual tour of Iowa farms from the 1700s to the 1900s. Click on "Farm Sites" to read about these farms and to view pictures.
This site offers free images of crops, plants, and animals that you can download.
View pictures of farm tools used in the 19th century and read some short facts about them.
Explore these online exhibits to learn about the history of agriculture, farms, and farming all over the world.
This interactive site has timelines, pictures, and demographic facts about the history of farming and agriculture in the United States. The timelines can be arranged by decade or subject category.



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