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Animals: Chimpanzees

These sites are about chimpanzees and their behavior, communication skills, habitat, diet, endangered status, and more. Learn how some chimpanzees in captivity can communicate through sign language and how others in the wild have learned to use tools. There are many video and audio files, plus online games.


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This site provides facts, short videos, and photographs about chimpanzees.
This fact sheet includes chimpanzees' status, size, life span, food, habitat, etc.
Researcher Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees for many years. This site includes information about these animals, but the reading level is for older students.
The site has a brief description and an illustration of this animal.
Watch three video clips featuring chimpanzees. Requires RealPlayer.
Click on the coloring page to access a larger view.
Listen to an audio file of chimpanzees in the wild and learn about an explorer's journey into the Congo.
This fact sheet has basic facts about chimpanzees, includes photographs, audio, and video files.
This site for kids introduces chimpanzees' anatomy, size, diet, behavior, and more. Includes a map showing where they are located. Don't miss the links at the top to a labeled coloring page. NOTE: This site contains Google ads.



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