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Economics: Owning an Ice Cream Shop

Find out what it takes to start and run your own business. Includes information on different types of businesses, sales taxes, licenses and permits, and the characteristics of entrepreneurs. There are many sites about the ice cream industry, plus pricing information about items you would need for your own ice cream shop.


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This site provides 26 webisodes designed to teach students financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
This program teachers financial literacy and entrepreneurship; includes links to educational activities, SMC webisodes, and the Grow Your Own Business Challenge.
This video is about the Grown Your Own Business Challenge that is sponsored by Warren Buffett to encourage young entrepreneurs. (Total running time: 12:08). NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This site provides links to games that correspond to learning about starting your own business; games featured include a test of addition skills, a test of money skills, a test of business basics, and brainstorming session for building-a-business.
This Missouri government site goes over the basics to owning a business.
This page has information on sales and use tax that applies to goods in the state of Missouri.
Read this poem about ice cream, then solve the math word problem to see if the kids have enough money to buy ice cream.
Explore the official site of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Includes information about their flavors and a brief company history. There is also a page with games for kids.
Read this article for tips on purchasing a sign for your business. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Explore the links to learn industry statistics, the most popular flavors, the history of ice cream, and ice cream recipes.
This site has questions that generate ideas on the type of floor plan your ice cream shop should have. The links on the left include prices for menus, signs, equipment, display cases, and more.
Learn about various economic concepts, including supply and demand, opportunity costs, and natural, human, and capital resources. Includes many class activities and several online quizzes and interactive games. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on taxes.
These sites explain the U.S. taxation system and how it works. Learn about the different types of taxes through classroom activities and discussion questions. Also covers the services that local, state, and federal governments provide with tax money. Includes an online concentration game about taxes.
These sites help students learn about the value of coins and bills and how to identify them. There are several class activity ideas and online games, including making change and figuring the total change. Includes links to related eThemes Resources on money.

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