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Science: Ozone

These sites are all about the ozone, a form of oxygen. Sites include information about what ozone is, the ozone layer, why it is important, ozone depletion, and UV protection. Includes images, graphs, animations, interactive applets, games, and video. Resources for older students can be found towards the end of the list of links.


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Find out how oxygen creates ozone. Learn what other gases can create harmful ozone gas.
Learn how ozone is formed and destroyed in the atmosphere. Includes an animation, interactive applets and labs.
Here is another online fact sheet about the ozone layer and the ozone hole.
Find answers to your questions about the ozone layer on this site.
Watch an animated movie and learn about the ozone layer and its depletion by CFC chemicals. Take a quiz and conduct and a water molecule experiment. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
A short article about the ozone layer from the Environmental Protection Agency.
This site provides a series of activities cover the topics of ozone and air pollution.
Take a look at ozone level in different areas and times from an interactive map. Includes how the ozone map is calculated.
This interactive site is created for kids to learn about ozone layer, UV index, and sunwise action steps. Click on `Survivor Challenges' to test how much you know about ozone.
Read the article and get answers to what UV is and how safe the sun is for people. Also learn what role the ozone plays in this. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This activity will help students to find out how the ozone layer filters the sun. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Take a tour through the history and current state of the ozone hole. Learn about the gas, the Earth's atmosphere, scientific research and predictions. Illustrated with images, graphs, and movies. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Arrange correct pieces of an image of ozone levels over the North Pole for the month of March from 1979 through 1994.
Find out how we learn about the ozone hole condition.
Learn about the history of the ozone hole, why ozone is important, and the world that we avoided on this official government site. Click on any of the related links to view related content.
Learn about the instrument developed by Dutch and Finnish scientists to monitor the hole in the ozone layer.
This resource for older students includes information about the ozone layer, ozone depletion, and how the world is responding to it.
Watch a video and read about what humankind has done to preserve the ozone layer.
This site includes maps, graphs, charts, and descriptions of the ozone hole.
These sites describe the greenhouse effect and its impact on Earth and humans. There are statistics, illustrations, audio clips, and animations. Some sites include lesson plans, activities, and experiments.
These sites are about the Earth's atmosphere and its layers. See pictures, diagrams, and a video, and then try the interactive quizzes.

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