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Anatomy: Urinary and Excretory Systems

These sites focus on the urinary and excretory systems and the removal of the body’s waste. Learn about the different organs involved in these systems. View diagrams of the bladder, kidneys, and urethra. Includes an animated movie and photographs of organs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the digestive system.


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This site briefly talks about the excretory system in animals and humans.
This page is a simple diagram of the bladder and kidneys.
Read about the major function of the excretory system and what can happen if it isn't functioning properly.
Read about the kidneys and find out what they do for our bodies. Includes a diagram.
Read this overview page and then take the guided tour to find out more about the kidneys and bladder.
This is a graphic site showing the dissection of a pig. You can view the pig's kidneys, bladder, renal blood vessels, and ureters.
Test your knowledge of the excretory system and its functions with this interactive quiz. Read the directions at the top.
This 32-page PDF file contains a theme unit about he human body. Page 27 has different activity ideas for exploring the excretory system.
This is a detailed article about the urinary system, the problems that can occur in it, and how to detect and treat them.
Learn more about kidney dialysis and therapy. View a table to learn more about the different types of therapies and what patients can expect during this process.
These sites have information about how the digestive system works. Take a virtual tour of the inner body, watch a video, or try online games and quizzes. Most of the sites include diagrams. Included is an eThemes resource on the urinary and excretory systems.

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