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Festivals Around the United States

Learn about different festivals that are celebrated around the country. Explore unique festivals such as the National Storytelling Festival and the Avocado Festival. Includes lesson plans on holding your own festival in the classroom.


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Explore the links to learn about the National Storytelling Festival which is held each year in Jonesborough, Tennessee. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Learn more about the festival and view photographs of the festival on this website.
The Library of Congress holds a National Book Festival every year. Read about the festival and watch webcasts of authors who have spoken at previous festivals.
The Festival of Adventure is held each September in Aitkin, Minnesota to celebrate Minnesota's history and music.
Learn the history of the Mardi Gras Festival. Mardi Gras Festivals are held all over the United States, but the biggest one is in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Columbia, Missouri has a First Night Festival to celebrate the New Year. Click on "Photo Gallery" to view photographs from First Night Festivals past.
Read about the Artichoke Festival, which will take place in May in Castroville, California. Click on the links to read about the festival events, some of which are about artichokes.
Hold a Heritage Food Festival in the classroom, using this lesson plan as a guide.
Learn more about the national peanut festival that takes place in Alabama each year. View photos from past festivals and click on History to learn more. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Use this map to find different locations where Renaissance fairs take place.
View this list of film festivals held throughout North and Central America. Click on the individual links to learn more about each of the festivals.
This site provides a list of Shakespeare festivals found in many states. Click on the link to learn more about each festival.

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