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Vietnam War

These websites are about the Vietnam War. There are websites about the soldiers, the war, events in the United States during the war, and what happened after the war. Includes lesson plans, timelines, and photos. There are links to eThemes on college protests, the 60’s, the 70’s, Veterans Day, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and the country of Vietnam.


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This website profiles Vietnam. Find out what the country is like today.
Read a brief history of the Vietnam War. Includes a timeline, descriptions of the war planes used, and more. The text is for older readers. NOTE: The site has a link to a discussion forum.
Read about what happened after the war in Vietnam ended. Includes stories of real people in Vietnam.
This site is about U.S. Ambassador Pete Peterson, who was also a POW, and his mission of reconcilliation in Vietnam. NOTE: The site has a link to a discussion forum.
This site is about the experience of Prisoners of War in Vietnam. Includes a timeline, image gallery, video clips, and teacher's guide. NOTE: The site has a link to a discussion forum.
This extensive website about the Vietnam War includes information about the war, the soldiers who fought in the war, the important people involved in the war, and more.
Read this encyclopedia article about the war. Click on the various topics to learn more. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Read this encyclopedia article to find out what Agent Orange is and how it effected the Vietnam War. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Click on the links to learn about Agent Orange, Vietnam protestors, and more. NOTE: Teachers should preview this website before sharing it with their classes. Some of the stories on the "Vietnam Scrapbook" page include strong language.
On this site you can view a gallery of photographs taken North Vietnamese and Vietcong photographers. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This online exhibit contains an overview of the Vietnam War plus transcripts of original source documents.
This site provides instructions and resources for creating an internet scavenger hunt that can be used as part of a unit on the Vietnam War.
What can photographs reveal about an event? Students can view and analyze photographic documents from the Vietnam War in this lesson activity.
Learn about student anti-Vietnam war protests from 1965-1973. Find out about the rallies and protests in Chicago, Washington, San-Francisco, and learn about the Kent State shootings in 1970. Read the philosophy of civil disobedience. There is a link to eThemes resource on 1960's decade. Includes original documents and photographs.
These sites are about the history of Veterans Day, which is formerly known as Armistice Day. Includes activities, crafts, and lesson plans for celebration ideas. There is also information about war memorials found in Missouri and at the Arlington National Cemetery. See photographs and paintings of historic battles.
These sites are about President Lyndon Baines Johnson's life, presidency, and legacy. Includes information on his presidential library, his inaugurations, his concept of the "Great Society," the Vietnam War, the fight for equal opportunity for all, and more. There are lesson plans, videos, paintings and photographs, and speeches. Also includes links to the eThemes Resources "Decade: 1960-1969" and "Vietnam War."
These sites are about the major events of the 1960s including Woodstock, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and anti-war protests. Learn about this decade's popular fashion, TV shows, and baby names. There are links to eThemes Resources on Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and the Civil Rights Movement.
Learn about the major world and national events of the 1970s by scrolling through several timelines. There are also sites about popular culture during this time period. Topics include TV shows, pop music, fashion, dancing, and hippies. Includes many photographs and primary documents. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Richard Nixon.
These websites are about the country of Vietnam. Here you can find information about Vietnam's government, people, culture, and history. There are facts, maps, photographs, and video files. Included are two eThemes resources about the Vietnam War and Vietnam War protests.

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