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Children Around the World: Child Labor

These websites contain information about the history of child labor, and the child labor that still exists in the world today. Read about the different countries in which child labor occurs, what kind of work the children do, how much they are paid, and more. Includes maps, graphs, video clips, and interactive quizzes.


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Here is a description and short explanation of child labor.
Find out what kind of work young children did in America just 100 years ago. NOTE: This site includes pop-up ads.
This site includes statistics and graphs that show where child laborers work, what kind of work they do, and just how many children work in the world. Click on the name of the country to view PDF files of statistics.
This website has information about child labor in agriculture for students. Click on "Around the World" to find out about child labor in every country. Click on "A Day in the Life" to find out about the day in the life of a child laborer. There is also a quiz and a teaching guide. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. NOTE: Some links to outside resources are broken.
Watch a brief video about child labor in the Congo. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
This website for younger students has information, quizzes, and games about child labor, forced labor, and workplace discrimination. The site is a Flash site.
A documentary about child labor around the world. This documentary film is available at a cost, but teachers resources are available on the website.
This student created website includes information about child labor in different countries, an interview with a human rights activist, a quiz, and more. NOTE: This site includes links to outside resources with discussion boards and guestbooks.
Use this lesson plan to help students, grades 6-8, understand the history and current practices of child labor.
This site explains the history of child labor in the United States and gives a timeline of the reforms taken to improve work conditions. Click on links along the left side of the page to learn more about related topics, such as causes of child labor and ways to end child labor.
View photographs of children taken by Lewis Hine to document tenements and child labor in New York City and other areas around the United States in the early 1900s. NOTE: This site includes a banner ad.
Take this 20-question multiple-choice quiz to test your skills about child labor laws. This quiz focuses on Texas laws pertaining to students ages 14-17.

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