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Literature: "Pictures of Hollis Woods" by Patricia Giff

These websites are about the book “Pictures of Hollis Woods” and author Patricia Giff. See her official website to learn more about her. There are also worksheets, games, and lesson plans to go along with the book. Includes links to eThemes resources on hands-on crafts students can do in class in conjunction with reading the book.


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This five-page PDF file is a teaching guide for the book by Patricia Reilly Giff. Includes group discussion questions and interdisciplinary lesson plans.
This site has information about the book broken down into various topics and themes. Use this guide to conduct pre-reading activities for students as well as connect various themes and curriculum such as family, friendship, hope, and truth.
Read this brief summary of the book coupled with discussion questions for students to ponder after reading. Learn more about the book and reading via reflection and discussion.
This site has reflective activities for students. Engage in activities related to the book and discuss specific instances within the book that touch on broader topics. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has an interview with Patricia Reilly Giff. Learn about experiences that helped her develop and shape the characters in her books. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has a series of discussion questions and activities related to the book. Students can reflect on the book and complete several activities related to themes in the book. Included are resources for the suggested activities.
This site discusses what makes a foster family. Learn more about foster homes and the reasons why children live in foster homes. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This is the author's own website. Learn about Patricia Giff in her own words.
These sites have numerous craft ideas for elementary children. Various supplies from paper and glue to more expensive items are required. The projects include jewelry, papier mache, paper making, recycled materials, and some recipes.

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