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Africa: East African Culture and Language

Describes some of the major tribal cultures, rural, and city life of East African nations. Examples of major languages such as tribal languages and Swahili.


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Learn about the culture of East Africa; includes: range of East African culture, history, language and religion, food and clothing, and music. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This article features information about the Luo people of East Africa.
Learn common phrases in Swahili by listening to the audio samples. Where did the Swahili people come from?
The Maasai are a small tribe in Kenya, but probably one of the most familiar due to their customs, elaborate dress and presence within game parks. See photos of Maasai people and African wildlife. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has a lot of information about Africa in general as well as regional information. This page features different types of maps of the continent and individual countries.
Get information about the countries in East Africa.
Online newspaper for Africa. NOTE: This site contains a banner ad.
Click on the part of the map you want to search and play the game.
Swahili is the most widely spoken language in East Africa. This site features an English-Swahili/Swahili-English dictionary, an East African image slideshow, and a pronunciation guide.
The site introduce traditional culture of Kenya, including history, music, and beliefs. Click "tribes" for more detailed culture information of various Kenyian tribes.
The world geography portion of this site can be searched by continent or alphabetically by country. When selecting Africa, a variety of resources are listed: coloring sheets, dot to dot pages, flag information, map printouts by country, and activity instructions for finding specific landmarks. NOTE: Contains Google banner ads and another advertisement to sign up to become a member of Enchanted Learning.
This lesson plan is designed to introduce the differences between American and African customs to elementary students. It includes discussion questions, additional resources, and pronunciation guides. NOTE: This site includes Discovery and Google sponsored ads.
This site provides in-depth resources for the east African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda. Within each, links lead to topics such as: the history of the country, ethnic groups, education, food, and weather patterns. NOTE: These are lengthy encyclopedic readings and might be above the specified grade level. However, the resources are widespread, which allows for tailoring the information to the students' needs. Also, not all of the internal links work.
These sites are about the history and culture of early Africa. Learn about the different tribes and their lifestyles. Includes timelines, maps, activities, and photographs, as well as eThemes Resources on Adinkra Cloths of Africa and East African Culture and Language.

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