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Literature: "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson

These websites are about the book “Bridge to Terabithia” and author Katherine Paterson. On one website you can hear the author read an excerpt from the book. Also includes resources on death, grief, and friendship. There are lesson plans, teacher guides, discussion questions, and worksheets that go along with the book.There are links to eThemes resources on bridges and friendship.


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This is an official website of Katherine Paterson. Read about the life of the author and find out about her works.
Here is a biography of the author. Includes an interview transcript and list of works. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This student created website includes games, activities, and quizzes. NOTE: The website links to websites with ads.
Here is an essay exploring the possible reasons why the book has been often censored. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This 22-page PDF file is a study guide for the book. Includes activities, worksheets, and more.
This website is about how to deal with your grief when someone close to you dies. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read suggestions on how to deal with death and read true stories about how teenagers have dealt with death and grieving.
Here are chapter-by-chapter study questions for "Bridge to Terabithia." Also includes vocabulary and enrichment activities. NOTE: The website links to websites with ads.
Read about Nancy Polette's activities for "Bridge to Terabithia."
This lesson plan has different activities that help students to explore friendship exhibiting in the book Bridge to Terabithia. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
Click "Teacher Activities" to download activities that go along with the Bridge to Terabithia.
Read a transcript or watch the video interview with Katherine Paterson about her life and work.
This page has a matching vocabulary worksheet. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites have tips on making friends and how to resolve common problems that threaten friendships. There are several classroom activity ideas to help foster friendships among students. Includes lists of recommended children's books as well as links to eThemes Resources on books that include this theme.
Learn about various types of bridges: beam, arch, truss, cable stayed, suspension, and others. Find out about different bridge designs. Learn what materials are used in bridge building. Discover what forces influence bridges and what engineers need to know before building a bridge. Includes photographs, schematic drawings, online games, video clips, and instructions how to build bridges from paper, toothpicks, and marshmallows.

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