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Safety: Fire

These sites have tips and facts about fire safety and prevention. Play online games and quizzes about fire safety in the home and outside. Students can color printed sheets and practice stop, drop, and roll. Includes audio and video files.


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This 10-page PDF provides basic information and engaging activities to help teach your children the basics of fire safety.
This website provides information for the entire family to learn about fire safety.
Students will learn about smoke alarms, home fire safety, and planning escape routes. Students can play interactive fire safety games.
This site for kids teaches about being smart around fires. Read about Sparky, fire trucks, and more. Includes fun online games.
Print out this nine-page PDF activity booklet for paper games about fires and prevention.
Download PDF coloring pages and other activities on fire safety from Hershey the fire dog.
Read about "Stop, Drop, and Roll." Check to see that your home is safe and you have a fire exit plan. "Test Your Knowledge" has a fire safety quiz. There is a word search and coloring sheet in "Fun Stuff."
Play online fire safety games, see Smokey Bear over the years, and learn how to prevent forest fires. "Resources" has a teaching guide for teachers.
Here is a fun web site about fire safety for younger kids. Select buttons on the left to learn fire safety tips, read stories, play games, and more.
Print out this page and finish sentences to write a poem about fire safety.
Learn fire safety tips and view pictures drawn by third graders.
Here younger kids can read about home fires and then answer three questions.
Here is a lesson plan where younger kids can learn about fire and how to be safe. This lesson plan requires an audiocassette and a tape recorder.
Print out this page and connect dot to draw a fire truck.
Read fire safety tips and a true story about fire in a house. Click on the "Take My Quiz" link to test your fire safety knowledge.
Here are more safety tips and a printout with a labyrinth game.
This in class activity can help students to learn more about fire prevention and safety in public buildings and houses. Click on the "HTML" link to open and printout students' hand out with tasks.
Use this interactive virtual tour to learn about firefighters' clothes. Click on the "Tour a Fire Engine" link at the bottom of the page to tour a fire truck. The site includes audio and video files.

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