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Math: Geometry: Geometric Solids

These sites are about geometric solids and their properties. Learn about various types of basic solids from manipulative objects and interactive games. Includes a lesson plan and printable templates. There are links to eThemes Resources on Geometry: Shapes and Transforming Shapes.


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Learn about solid figures from a song.
In this lesson plan, students learn about various geometric solids and their properties through interactive manipulability objects. Discussion questions are included.
Students will learn about the volume of a box by manipulating rows and layers of unit cubes.
This site provides information and calculation formulas of cuboids, rectangular prisms and cubes. Find examples of these figures from real world objects. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and a link to a discussion forum.
Match the solid figure with a given plane figure.
Play a game to match a name with a solid figure.
Choose the name of the solid figure that has the given views.
Compare slices cut from a pyramid and a prism or from a cylinder and a cone.
Name a solid figure and find out how many faces it has.
Make geometric solids from printable templates. Note: This site includes ads.
These sites are about shapes including quadrilaterals and polygons. Includes definitions and examples of various shapes in everyday life. There are interactive sites with games, manipulatives, and animated movies. Includes links to eThemes Resources on symmetry, triangles, lines, and tessellations.
These sites help students visualize what shapes look like after they have been reflected, rotated, flipped, and translated. Includes virtual manipulatives that lets students change the shapes online. There are links to eThemes Resources on shapes, symmetry, and tessellations.

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