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Forest and Wild Fires

These resources are about forest fires and wildfires. Learn what they are and how people have tried to manage them. Find out what to do to prepare if you live in an area prone to fires. There are videos, audio files, interactives, and more. Includes eThemes resources on fire safety.


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This site contains extensive information about wildfires. Learn the science of fires, how fire effects different ecosystems, what firefighters do, and much more.
Read this information on what to do before and after a wildfire. Includes audio public service announcements and podcasts.
This multi-section article explains how and why wildfires happen. Includes quick facts, video clips, and an image gallery. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and ads.
Learn about the people who work together to combat wildfires, from helicopter pilots, smoke jumpers, hotshots, and ground crews.
See the latest news related to wildfires on this site. There are articles, videos, maps, and pictures. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and ads.
This article explores a link between recent California wildfires and climate change. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the history of fire and fire suppression policies on the Colorado Plateau.
Read about the Healthy Forests Restoration Act that was signed into law on December 3, 2003. Includes videos and documents that discuss the Healthy Forests Initiative.
This article is about how fire suppression policies have worsened wildfires in the western United States. Includes a video and a fire safety quiz. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Learn the causes of wildfires in Missouri and what you can do to reduce the threat of fire in your community.
These sites have tips and facts about fire safety and prevention. Play online games and quizzes about fire safety in the home and outside. Students can color printed sheets and practice stop, drop, and roll. Includes audio and video files.

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