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Literature: "Ramona the Brave" by Beverly Cleary

These websites are about the book “Ramona the Brave” and author Beverly Cleary. There are lesson plans, reviews, and more. One website has a biography and quiz on the character of Ramona. There is also information about what to expect on the first day of school. Includes links to eThemes resources on “Ramona and Her Father,” Beverly Cleary, and back-to-school activities.


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A Beverly Cleary site, this page contains a short "biography" of Ramona. There are also links to other books about Ramona and an interactive quiz students can take. Explore the rest of the website to learn more about Beverly Cleary and her books.
Read all about the author. Click on "Booklist" to learn about her other books. NOTE: This site includes ads.
A 13-page pdf file has comprehensive questions that can be used for after reading activities.
A two-page pdf study guide has suggested activities including discussion questions and group activities to go with the book.
This list of girl characters includes a description of Ramona. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn what to expect on your first day of school and how to make the best of school. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This eight-page PDF file has ideas for teaching with the Ramona books.
A 21-page pdf enrichment guide was created as extended activities for the play. However many activities can also adapt to the books.
Read what other kids think about this book.
These sites are about author Beverly Cleary and her life of writing. Includes eThemes Resources on her books "Ramona and Her Father," "Dear Mr. Henshaw," "Ralph S. Mouse," and "The Mouse and the Motorcycle."
These sites include an online game and numerous class activities about "Ramona and Her Father." Includes an eThemes Resources on author Beverly Cleary.
These sites feature class activities for starting off the school year. There are several icebreaker games along with activities and bulletin board ideas. Sites also include templates, checklists, and games for the beginning teachers as well as teachers just looking for new ideas.

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