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Literature: "Touching Spirit Bear" by Ben Mikaelson

These websites are about the book “Touching Spirit Bear” and author Ben Mikaelson. Included are links to the book themes of anger, forgiveness, Spirit Bears, and the Native American Tlingit tribe. There are activities, lesson plans, photographs, book reviews, and more. Check out the related eThemes of Totem Poles, Native American Culture, and the Mark Twain Literature Award Nominees of 2003-2004.


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This is author Ben Mikaelson's official website. Here you will find games, activities, and information about the author and his books. The "Educator's Corner" section includes lesson plans.
Here are questions to go along with each chapter of the book. Click on "Next Page" to view the questions.
Read this book review of "Touching Spirit Bear." There is also a link to a booklist of other books about Native Americans.
Find out more about apologizing and forgiveness.
Find out more about anger and what you can do if you get angry.
Find out some good ways to deal with anger. Includes links to activities such as journaling. There is also a link to a booklist of fiction and non-fiction books that deal with anger.
Here are some tips for dealing with anger.
Find out about Simon Jackson who founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. Find out how he is working to save Spirit Bears and why it is important to him.
Look at these beautiful photographs of the Spirit Bear.
This informative website includes information about the Spirit Bear and how environmentalist are trying to save this species.
These sites have photographs and information on totem poles. Learn about the significance of this art from the Northwest Native Americans. Includes the Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida tribes in Alaska and Canada. Hands-on totem pole activities are also linked.
Learn more about the cultures of various Native American tribes. Some sites emphasize that these are "live" cultures because there are more than a million American Indians living today. Watch videos of a powwow, read biographies of famous Native Americans, and view paintings and photographs. Includes population statistics on the largest tribes and information about the controversy over the use of Native Americans as school mascots.
These sites are about the Mark Twain Award nominees for 2003-2004. Includes biographies for the authors, plus some book excerpts and reviews. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the 2002-2003 Mark Twain Award Nominees.

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