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Utah: Geography and Landforms

These sites are about the different geographical regions and landforms in Utah. Learn about the Uinta Basin, Escalante National Monument, and the “Four Corners” as well as land use history of the Colorado Plateau. Includes the link to eThemes Resource: Utah Rocks and Minerals.


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Get facts, information, and pictures of Utah's geography on this site. There is basic information about Utah that is easy-to-read including a topographical map.
This site gives in depth information about the geography of Utah. Included are maps, time-lapse photography, and clickable links to the regions and landforms of the state. Other links introduce history and economy information. NOTE: The site contains a guestbook.
A brief overview of Utah geography. Site includes a description of various landforms, rivers, and regions.
An enlargeable, printable map of Utah from National Geographic. The map includes major landforms, rivers, and cities. "Detail level" allows teachers to choose either a highly detailed or basic outline map for use in the classroom.
A general description of the geography of Utah, this site has black and white images of geologic features and links to important landforms. Also included are links to human and economic geography, and other articles and images about Utah history.
An essay describing the Uinta Basin regions of Utah and includes a photo. This site is text-based and is geared toward older readers; however, this would be a good teacher resource.
This website provides in-depth information and images of the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument. Featured areas are the Grand Staircase, Hole-In-The-Rock, Fifty Mile Mountain and Native American ruins. Other links connect to history and visitor information.
A series of interactive maps, photographs and descriptions of the Colorado Plateau in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and southeastern Utah. Some material may be difficult for younger readers.
An extensive essay about the history and physical features of the Colorado Plateau.
A brief history of the Colorado Plateau in Utah.
These sites are about the different types of rocks and minerals found in Utah. Learn about the official state rock, mineral, and gem. Includes a map showing Utah's mineral deposits. There are also many suggested hands-on activities. Find out how you can have a toolbox of Utah rocks and minerals sent to your classroom. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on rocks and minerals.

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