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Germany: Politics

These websites are about Germany’s political system. Learn about the branches of Germany’s government, the political parties, and the election process. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on Germany.


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This site includes information about the state, the legal system and the citizens, the Basic Law, the political parties, the electoral system, the Bundestag, the federal president, the federal chancellor and the government, the federal structure, the Bundesrat, the federal constitutional court, and Germany and Europe.
Learn about Germany's Political Parties: CDU, SPD, FDP. Green Party, Left Party and CSU. NOTE: This site includes ads.
On this site, you can find out about Germany and get quick facts about Germany's political system.
Read this short explanation of Germany's government. NOTE: The website includes banner ads.
Find out about Germany's parliament or Bundestag. Includes information about the members of parliament.
Learn about the Bundesrat, a branch of Germany's government that represents state's rights.
Read about how members of Parliament are elected in Germany. Also read about the Bundestag, where Parliament meets.
This article from the Library of Congress is about Germany's political parties. Click on "Germany Table of Contents" to find more articles about Germany's political system.
This 54-page PDF file includes information about the Christian Democratic Union political party in Germany. NOTE: The website includes information on the party's view of religion.
These sites about Germany have information on the country's history, regions, and traditions. See a live view from a Webcam, listen to the country's national anthem, learn some basic German words, and follow the instructions for German recipes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the Holocaust.

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