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Organisms: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

What is a producer, consumer, and decomposer? These are sites about these different kinds of organisms and how they interrelate to one another in food chains and food webs. There are experiments, games, other interactive features, and suggested classroom activities. Included is an eThemes resource on food chains and food webs.


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Click on the arrow that says "Play the Game!" near the bottom right of the page to play this interactive online game. NOTE: This site includes banner ads that may be mistaken for elements of the game/site.
Print this diagram to help students see the relationship between producers and consumers in the web.
This interactive game lets students place organisms within their food web.
Plants produce, directly or indirectly, all of the food that people and other animals eat. This site contains pictures, videos, and songs that explain the biological role of plants.
Use this lesson plan to teach students about producers, consumers, decomposers, and the food chain.
Earthworms are the Kings of Decomposers. In this fun site all about worms, students can explore the links to discover the parts of a worm, where worms originated from, and what worms eat. Includes an interactive quiz on a worm's anatomy and the food worms eat. On the home page, click on "Teacher's Bin" and find out how you can request a poster of Herman.
Fungi are important decomposers. Learn more about these types of organisms. The site also has experiment ideas, puzzles, and games.
Students can read about and see photographs of herbivores. Click on the links at the bottom to learn about omnivores and carnivores.
Here are two fun interactive activities. In the first activity, connect the organisms to form a food web. Then you can print out a Food Web Certificate. In the second activity, build a customized caterpillar designed to elude predators.
Complete this interactive crossword puzzle to test your vocabulary of food chains, food, webs, producers, consumers, and decomposers.
Students can take this interactive quiz to test their knowledge of producers, consumers, decomposers, food chains, and ecosystems.
Watch a movie with Tim and Moby about Food Chains, then take a pop quiz. There are also comics, an activity, and an experiment. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.
These sites are about food chains and food webs. Includes examples of webs and chains with animals from various biomes. Learn about consumers, producers, prey, predators, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. There is a short animated movie, online games, and suggested classroom activities.
These sites are an overview of ecosystems including what they are, how they are different from and related to habitats and biomes, and how to preserve ecosystems. Classroom activities and online exercises are included. There are links to eThemes resources on animal survival and habitats including overview, deserts, forests, grasslands, ponds and lakes, rainforests, tundras, wetlands, and mountains.

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