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U.S. Imperialism

Learn about the Progressive Era of the United States by looking into the Presidencies of McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson. Also included are primary sources from the time, including government policies, military actions and war information.Included are eThemes resources on Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, the Spanish American War, and World War I.


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Information about the expansion in the Pacific, the Spanish-American war, the Boxer Rebellion, the Panama Canal, and the U.S. intervention in Latin America. Also included is a lesson plan, image credits, and a bibliography.
This website consists of mainly primary documents of Presidents during the progressive era of the United States, including T. Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson, along with some general readings of the time.
There are links for the Progressive era by president. These include domestic affairs,foreign affairs, and impact & legacy.
Information on President McKinley, with links to T. Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson.
This website focuses on the Spanish America war. Many photographs, maps and newspapers are also included.
This website includes primary documents from the United States during the 1900s, including political cartoons, speeches and documents. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Included is information on "Wilsonianism," Wilson and Latin America, America's entrance into WWI, Wilson's fourteen points, as well as links to other websites with information on this topic.
Includes information about Woodrow Wilson during his presidency, WWI, the League of Nations and more. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This website includes a timeline of Theodore Roosevelt's life, realaudio interviews, bibliography and teacher's guide. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
These sites are about the Spanish American War. Learn about the influence of media on the war. Read letters from the soldiers, view several photographs, movie clips, and timeline and listen to music composed during that time. There are other primary documents from the war such as maps and newspaper articles. Includes lesson plans and a study guide.
Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States and served from 1913-1921. Learn about the legacy of this two term president. Find out about Wilson's involvement with the League of Nations. Included are eThemes resources on US presidents and World War I.
These sites cover the events of World War I (1914-1918). Read eye witness accounts and view photographs and maps. Other topics include the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, trench warfare, Choctaw Code Talkers, President Woodrow Wilson, war propaganda, Treaty of Versailles, the Lusitania, and the Zimmerman telegram. Includes biographies, letters, images, posters, video, and audio clips.
Learn about the 26th American President – Theodore Roosevelt. Discover the president as a son, father, husband, naturalist and conservationist, newyorker, and a war hero. Learn about his hobbies, outdoor adventures, and his nature conservation policies. Includes audio and video clips, timelines, photographs, quizzes, and biographies.
Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president and served from 1901 until 1909. Find out about his political views and domestic policies. Learn about the Bull Moose Party and the presidential election campaign of 1912. Includes the presidential inauguration transcript, photographs, audio and video files.
This topic includes web sites on the president Theodor Roosevelt's foreign policies. Find out about the Roosevelt's Corollary, a world tour of the Great White Fleet, and building of the Panama Canal. Includes links to ebooks, photographs and a swf video file.

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