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Physics: Using a Spring Scale

These sites provide teaching materials about how to use spring scales to measure force. Students and teachers can find pictures, lesson plans, and concept-learning documents about the “spring scale” from these sites. Includes eThemes Resources on force and motion.


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Here is a glossary for vocabulary used in concepts related to force and motion.
This is a detailed explanation about the "spring scale" and how to use it to measure weight and force.
Here is a lesson plan for studying weight. Students learn about weight by building a spring scale and observing how it responds to objects with different masses.
This site includes pictures and explanations about various spring scales.
Here is an information sheet that can be used to show students' the unit on spring scale.
This site introduces the concept of force. Students can learn how to measure force from this site.
This lesson asks students to use a spring scale as a tool to discover how inclined planes make work easier and the relationship between distance and force.
Here is a lesson plan about how to use spring scale to measure force.
These sites cover the basic concepts of physics. Learn about force, motion, and friction using interactive simulations where you can manipulate the variables. Includes links to an eThemes on Simple Machines, Magnets, and Gravity.

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