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Ethics for Students

These sites provide background knowledge for students on the importance of copyright. Ignoring copyright can lead to plagiarism or piracy which are both presented through videos, writing activities, case studies, and simulation. Lesson plans are provided to carry out or adapt activities.


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This site has some free information to use with students. Lessons involving plagiarism and copyright can be used if educator logs on for a free trial. Short videos, lesson plans, quizzes, graphic organizers, and vocabulary are included.
This extensive site offers free materials about all types of copyright issues for K-12 classrooms. Also included are lessons for cybersafety, patents, inventions, intellectual property, and copyright piracy.
This site from the Library of Congress provides an interactive site for students and teachers entitled "Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright".
Cyberbee site provides a copyright lesson plan to actively involve students to ponder copyright issues by listening to music and reviewing timely court cases.
This site informs students about copyright and plagiarism. Students learn to take electronic notes with READWRITE THINK Notetaker. This is a collaborative lesson between classroom teacher and school librarian.
This site includes information about Internet piracy and copyright, as well as a video and links to other resources. NOTE: Some of the links at the bottom of the page are dead links.

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