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Symbolism in Art

These sites provide biographical information on Keith Haring, slides of the artist’s work, lesson plans and creative activities for students.


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An extensive site devoted to the legacy of Keith Haring. Biographical information, examples of art, animation, make your own Keith Haring greeting card, and vast kids' site with lesson plans and a free poster download. NOTE: Store site to purchase Keith Haring work.
This site acquaints students with the culture of the Anasazi culture. Highlighted is the rock art symbols and petroglyphs which resemble Haring's symbols. Extension activities are included.
Choose from among various lesson plans for drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Choose lessons from among 42 categories of art subjects. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Interactive site which encourages students to experiment with various types of art by creating work online.

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