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Literature: "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott

The sites provide biographical information about the author, her family, and people who influenced her. Writing, research, characterization, dance, and drama activities are provided. Lesson plans are given for the award-winning DVD, Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind ‘Little Women’. This DVD is available at public libraries.


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Download and read a copy of "Little Women" in HTML, ePUB, Kindle, and other formats.
This site provides lesson plans and an organizer based on the DVD-Louisa May Alcott, the woman behind little women. Video clips are given along with short biographical pieces entitled "Alcott's Life/The Alcotts, Working Woman, Independence, Literary Celebrity, Family Mainstay and Final Days.
This one page article provides information about the author. Numerous links to relatives and other important people in her life are also given.
This PBS site describes the DVD and offers a preview. This DVD may be checked out from your local public library to show to students.
This site includes vocabulary terms from the entire novel, pre- and post-reading assignments, and a printable worksheet.
This site contains biographical information, plot overview, analysis of the major characters, character list, themes, motifs, and symbols in the novel. NOTE: Extensive advertising.
Read about the house that inspired "Little Women" and take a tour of the rooms.
This site contains biographical information on the author and various activities for students from writing, dramatic presentation, dance, and research. NOTE: This site contains ads.

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