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Native Americans: Alabama

This site provides information on the history, language, and culture of Native American Tribes located in Alabama. Several maps show the location of tribes. Legends of Alabama tribes are also given. Directions to create a WebQuest are provided using the various sites. Several sites link to current tribal functions. Includes a link to the eThemes Resource “Native Americans: Trail of Tears”.


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This site contains a map showing the areas where the Alabama tribes were located.
Designed for younger students, this site provides questions and answers about the Alabama Tribe. NOTE: This site contains ads and sponsored links.
This site provides extensive information on Alabama Native Americans, maps, hand-outs for classroom activities, recommended books, and links to additional resources. NOTE: This site contains ads and sponsored links.
This site provides information on the Alabama tribes under the "Tribes, Chiefs and Commissioners" section, "Genealogy", and "Areas of Special Interest". Encyclopedia of Alabama, under the "Areas of Special Interest" provides information on the tribes.
This site gives a listing of Native American tribes in Alabama. One page of information is given on each tribe.
Click on Culture Corner, Legends,Herbs, and Recipes for information on tribes in Alabama. The legends section has 11 pourquoi tales for Alabama tribes.
Brief history of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.
This free site provides step-by-step instructions on creating a webquest tailored to your project.
Read about the Trail of Tears and the Alabama tribes which were affected by Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policies.
Learn more about the Cherokee Indians, Oklahoma reservations, and historical references for the Trail of Tears and the westward movement. Includes maps, timelines, photographs, and videos. There are links to eThemes resource on Native American culture.

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