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Missouri Regions: Cassville

Learn about the many historical and recreational sites in the Cassville, Missouri and Barry County region. There are numerous activities for outdoor recreation available for residents and tourists.


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This site provides a lesson using informational text to create a brochure of a town.
This brief video clip takes place at Kids' Fishing Day.
Watch this brief video clip highlighting attractions in the park.
See brief information for families on orchards in Barry County for apple picking and apple festivals.
Here is a glimpse into the life of settlers who came in the 1800s. There are many collections of carnival glass, rare minerals and Civil War battle items.
Discover the highlights, exhibits, and activities at the museum.
This site provides descriptions and photographs of seven hiking trails. Each site gives information on the length of the trail, difficulty, location of the trail head, and interesting sites to see on the trail.
This short article provides information on this attraction near Roaring River Hatchery.
This article from the Cassville Democrat highlights activities from Kids' Fishing Day. Fishing Day is held twice a year in the spring and a back-to-school fishing day.
Here is information on library activities for children and adults, computer classes, and book clubs available at the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library. There are many free online resources to link to from this site for users.
See this information about recreational programming at the Cassville YMCA including gymnastics, swimming, rock climbing, camp and much more.
This one page site provides historical information about the Barry County Court House.
This site provides complete visitor information for activities at this park. Visitors can camp, canoe, hike, picnic, go rafting, and fish.
This site provides visitor information for a trip to this park. Photographs, attractions, and additional links are given.
This site provides the history of Roaring River and its importance to the area. Also included are the hours, directions and frequently asked questions.

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