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Math: Geometry Projects for High School

These sites provide projects ideas to help students learn a variety of geometry concepts. Also included is information on real world applications of geometry, interactive sites which allow students to manipulate 3D geometric shapes, and sites which give a conceptual background for geometry projects.


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Here are 42 geometry lesson plans ranging from the geometry of computer animation to symmetry and conic sections.
Geometrically determine the most efficient arrangement for pop cans, and investigate the concept of curvature.
Students will measure the distance between frets on stringed instruments to learn about geometric sequences.
While this site does not contain many projects, it does have a very comprehensive explanation of many geometry concepts, from beginner to extremely advanced.
Here you will find interactive geometry tools. Check out the 3D Wire Frame page to show students three dimensional shapes.
This pdf file contains four lessons: mira constructions (lines and line segments), pythagorean puzzles, build a clinometer, and geometry flash cards. It is also available as an html file at
These sites have information on geometry for junior high and high school students. There are several interactive sites that allow the manipulation of geometric shapes. Also includes hands-on classroom activities and online quizzes. There are examples on how geometry is used in the real world such as geometric shapes in buildings and orienteering. There are links to eThemes Resources on mathematics in everyday uses and bridge construction.

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