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Chemistry: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

These sites provide information on oxidation-reduction, or redox, reactions. Most sites are informational, with some practice problems. Also included are some interactive tutorials, interactive games, and a board game.


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This 9-page PDF file includes instructions and pieces for a board game based on galvanic cells.
Here are some short interactive practice problems. NOTE: The practice problems for assigning oxidation numbers may not be usable.
This student-created site offers thorough explanations of the concepts of redox reactions, including some practice problems.
Use this interactive tool to have students calculate the molarity of a reducing agent after titration.
This site gives a detailed explanation of redox reactions, including information on how to determine the oxidation state, and 43 sample problems, with answers.
This site explains redox reactions, and shows some techniques for balancing them.
Here you will find techniques for balancing redox reactions, including in acidic or basic conditions.
These sites will help students learn the rules to balancing chemical equations. Students can study the law of Conservation of Mass. Quizzes, tutorials, and sample problems are available on many of the sites. Included is an eThemes resource on molecular models.

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