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Health: Consumer and Community Health

These sites cover consumer and community health issues such as keeping the environment safe for residents as well as the importance of first aid and immunizations. Includes interactives, activities to download, and videos about finding and using available health related resources. Also includes eThemes resources on Environmental Health.


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Read through this information on how to provide kids, teen, and parents with reliable health information. Some information is delivered through video and audio.
Here students can learn how the government pays for goods and services by taxing people and companies to keep our land clean.
Take a tour of the ToxMystery house to learn about household chemical hazards.
This downloadable and printable PDF is geared to prevent unreasonable risks of injuries to children associated with playground equipment.
This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site is designed for kids to learn about diseases, food & nutrition, physical activity, safety and more.
Learn about your skin, hair and nails, and how to take care of various issues that may arise. Follow the links at the bottom of the page or in the left-hand navigation sidebar for more detailed information. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
This lesson is designed to teach students about choosing healthy food options that lead to a healthy life style. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
This lesson teaches the importance of having a healthy body image and the dangers of developing an eating disorder. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
This lesson describes methods of encouraging other not to use illegal substances and to deter students from using tobacco/drugs. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and flashing ads.
Learn what is in food and about nutrition facts - the labels on food products.
This site provides reliable information on a variety of health topics. The "My Healthfinder" search provides tailored health information for someone you care about. NOTE: This site is available in Spanish.
See this lesson involving students about how to minimize environmental impact on animal habitats. Students also investigate how to create a plan to address a local environmental problem.
Find information on generic drugs by a consumer group on this site.
This lesson invites students to create safety tip poster. A draft sheet is provided for students.
This site directs students to share safety problems they are aware of and provide solutions to them.
This site provides a wealth of links to environmental health issues aimed at children and teens. Information for parents and educators is also included in many of the links. Interactive games, puzzles, downloads for hand-outs are also included for teaching. Included are eThemes resources on Recycling.



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