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Health: Mental and Emotional Health

This site provides resources for mental and emotional health. Includes links on the topics of bullying, getting along with others, tolerance,and sexual harassment. There are links to eThemes resources on Cyberbullying and Bullying.


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This information is for educators teaching a health unit on sexual harassment with middle and high school students. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are several lessons for understanding sexual harassment and how to handle it. Activities include role-playing, small group discussion, and developing Public Service Announcements for the school. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read through these links for educators to teach about bullying. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides a Reader's Theater activity for grades 3-6. Follow-up questions and an extension activity are given. This play was based on a true story. NOTE: This site contains ads.
See these videos, games, and information for kids to cope with bullying, get along with others, and dealing with anger.
This unit involves eight 50-minute lessons to give students an opportunity to learn about the situations of intolerance and converse about ways to move toward a world that is more understanding of diversity.
Educators can use this lesson to start discussions on preventing bullying in the classroom and school. Extension activities are provided involving using story strips and an online game called Beat the Bully.
The Kelly Bear website provides educator information and strategies to teach students about bullying.
In this brief video, McGruff demonstrates how to handle a bully. Additional bullying information is also available.
The section, "Your Life", provides a guide to getting along with other, bullying, and other issues kids deal with daily.
Use this activity to assist students in learning how to deal with bullies. Awareness of this issue is important for a healthy school environment. Additional links are given to assist educators.
This site provides activities to help with recognizing bullying and what to do about it. The Teaching Tolerance site allows users to search for other subjects for activities and provides teaching tools free of charge.
These sites are about cyberbullying. Learn what cyberbullying is, how it works, why people cyberbullly, how to stop it, and what steps to take when encountering bullying. Includes interactive games, cartoons, real-life stories, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resource on Internet Safety and Bullying.
These sites are about bullies and includes tips on how to deal with them. There are lists of recommended children's books that have a bullying theme, a printable pledge against bullying, and an animated movie. Includes eThemes Resources on several books with this theme.

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