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Health: Personal Health and Safety

This site provides information for students to become aware in the event of an emergency. Weapon safety, first aid, and how to respond in an emergency are highlighted. Games, group activities, and using literature in safety lessons are given.


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This audio information guide explains to children what to do if they are alone and an emergency occurs. It is also available in Spanish. Links to gun safety, farm safety, bike safety and CPR are also included.
See this audio informational lesson on using 911. This is for educators and parents.
Designed for middle school, this site provides activities for students to understand the importance of keeping disease under control through sanitation.
This lesson focuses on how to remain safe during a tornado. Additional links are provided. Videos of tornadoes are included.
Here are four lessons using the Caldecott Award winning title, Officer Buckle and Gloria. Other activities include making a safety poster, a book jacket, and safety homework for parents and children.
This link provides numerous suggestions for books and websites on safety issues.
Here is practical information needed during natural disasters. Games, making an emergency supply kit, and a parent/education section are included.
This site provides information for kids and families to be prepared in outdoor activities.
This site has important safety information for kids and parents to share with one another. Information is given about weapons.
This site provides sections on "Your Safety" and "Diseases".
These sites provide overview information on safety in everyday life. Students learn how to be safe at home, school, and outdoors. Includes information on basic first-aid, safety equipment, and emergency plans. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Fire Safety, Outdoor Fun Safety, Electrical Safety, Food Safety, and Safe Kids/Stranger Danger.
These sites provide an overview of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Learn about the differences between communicable and non-communicable diseases. There is information about basic causes, symptoms and treatment of diseases as well as prevention and transmission of diseases. Includes lesson plans, games, and quizzes. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Prevention and Control of Diseases, Viral Diseases, Vaccinations, Germs: Infection, Detection and Protection, and AIDS/HIV.
These sites are about safety signs such as traffic signs, safety, caution, and ADA approve signs. There are interactive games, lesson plans and activities, coloring pages, photographs of signs on the street.

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