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Teaching Tips: Professional Learning Communities

Here are sites to assist educators with initiating and maintaining Professional Learning Communities. Several success stories are shared in ERIC documents as well as what to do with unwilling participants.


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Learn what professional learning communities are, why they are important, and what the steps to creating effective professional learning communities are.
Discover more about professional learning communities (PLC), including: what is a PLC, defining elements of a PLC, literature and emerging research, school use of the PLC approach, and necessary supports.
This 16 page PDF explains professional learning communities from a research-based approach to professional development, what PLCs look like, characteristics of effective PLCs, lessons and implications, current approach to PLCs, and strategies and tools.
Here is information and tools related to Professional Learning Communities for educators. Includes blogs and discussions as well as evidence of effectiveness and tools.
Read this ERIC document that examines an urban East Coast high school and use of PLC to bring about successful improvement.
This ERIC document provides theoretical, contextual, results and more for when some teachers are unwillingly to participate in PLC. This document has a bibliography that would be useful for further reading.
An ERIC document that describes how a PLC program expanded school-wide laptop use.
This link provides educators with a look at how a professional learning community changed a school. Included are Related Resources for more information about PLC.
This link provides a resource to educators to enhance their effectiveness so students can benefit.

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