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Teaching Tips: Study Groups

These resources provide several frameworks for designing and facilitating study groups for educators. Included are research articles and examples of successful study groups.


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This two-page PDF looks at the rationale for study groups, who should be in a study group, what kinds of study groups there are, what it your study group frustrates you, and successful study group tips.
Learn more about study groups, how to get started, the study agenda, sharing the load, where to meet, and troubleshooting.
These guidelines for group study, include pointers for setting up a study group and some principles to follow in the group.
Read why study groups for professional development are helpful. Click on the "References" link to find more print resources.
This article explains how coaches who support teachers' professional development have helped Boston schools.
This article provides a guide to professional development and various types of teacher study groups including book clubs. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This 22-page PDF file provides a study that examines the interaction of educators in a book club and benefits achieved from participating in such a club.
This site examines reasons why teacher book clubs are important and how to start one. Educators improved on skills used in student literacy groups.
This site provides the purpose for an educator book club, various reading suggestions and tips for starting a book club.

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