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Author Study: Rick Riordan

These sites are about the author Rick Riordan and “The Percy Jackson” series. The “39 Clues” series and “The Kane Chronicles” series are also presented. Includes games, author interviews, and interactive maps with numerous links to search.


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Watch this exclusive interview with author Rick Riordan and hear him read aloud from "The Maze of Bones."
Learn more about noted author Rick Riordan. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides a 20-minute video of Rick Riordan discussing his work. Recorded by the Library of Congress.
See this site for Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson fans. There are games, author information, interactive maps, and videos to watch about the Gods.
Rick Riordan discusses his work and school visits in a blog format. A Webcast, "Rick Riordan Virtually Live" is available for free downloading.
This link is a video interview of Rick Riordan. The "39 Bones" series is discussed as well as his favorite books. NOTE: This site contains ads.
See this biographical information about Rick Riordan as well as book reviews of "The Percy Jackson" series, "The 39 Clues" series, and "The Kane Chronicles". NOTE: This site contains ads.
Resources on this site include "The Lightning Thief" teacher's Guide, unit, reader's guide, rationale, literature circle questions; "The Sea of Monsters" reader's guide; "The Titan's Curse" discussion guide; biographical information on Rick Riordan; a readers theatre from "The Lightning Thief," Percy Party event guide and project ideas.
This site provides information about Rick Riordan's latest book, "The Lost Hero" and forthcoming books in the series.
Here is more biographical information about Rick Riordan and facts about his books. Includes games, an interactive map of the underworld, teacher's guide to Percy Jackson books, party and project guide.
This literature unit includes a daily reading journal, a mixed review, extend activities, a book report form, analogies, word wall, chapter quizzes and writing prompts, a review quiz, and vocabulary activities.
These resources include a full-length curriculum guide, classroom activities, teacher's guide, links to video interviews and an audiobook excerpt from "The Maze of Bones." NOTE: This site includes ads.

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