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These sites are about imagination and creativity. There are sample lesson plans and activities to help students show that they understand the difference between imagination and reality, and then use their imaginations. See how imagination relates to art, writing, science, and social studies.


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Listen to Tina's stories and then decide if they are real or make believe.
This lesson plan is about magical creatures from around the world and the different cultures and folklore traditions that produce them.
Here are groupings of prompts to help students get started with creative story writing.
This site contains an extensive index of art lessons and activities to encourage students to use their imaginations.
This site for educators has articles, project ideas, and creativity prompts that can be used in the classroom. NOTE: This site links to a discussion forum and a blog.
Here is a story about a boy named Seth and how he uses his imagination.
This interactive site has project ideas for creative classroom activities. Includes videos, slideshows, and games.

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