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Chemistry: Virtual Labs

These sites offer virtual lab experiments to illustrate the concepts of chemistry. Topics range from chemical reactions to thermodynamics, and chemical equilibrium. Also included are some molecular simulation applets. An eThemes resource on simple chemistry experiments is also included, which gives some easy to conduct real-world experiments.


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This site has several virtual laboratories on stoichiometry, gases, liquids, solutions, and phase equilibria, chemical equilibrium, acids, bases, and ions, kinetics, and thermodynamics. NOTE: To get access to all of the labs a free account is required.
This site contains links to many chemistry java applets. Some are tutorials, some quizzes, some practice problems, some molecular simulations, and others virtual labs. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are two demo labs, one on chemical reactions, and another on biology. Additional labs are available for purchase.
Here are nine virtual organic chemistry experiments.
Here is a virtual titration experiment. Students choose the reagents and indicator, and use the titration curve for their experiment to determine the equivalence point.
Here are links to virtual labs on electrolysis, acids and bases, precipitates, single replacement reactions, the formation of carbon dioxide, removing carbon dioxide, and thermodynamics.
This site contains an interactive tool to virtually perform a wide variety of reactions.
These sites have instructions for simple chemistry experiments. Try several activities that involve chemical reactions in cooking. There is also information about acids and bases. Includes links to eThemes Resources on matter, the scientific method, and atoms. These sites are for the 3rd to 6th grade levels.



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