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Ancient India

This site is about ancient India and provides basic as well as advanced information, lesson plans, interactive activities, and short videos. Includes information about this ancient society’s accomplishments, leaders, and culture through the variety of information given in the links. Also included are eThemes Resources on the country of India.


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This extensive link provides historical background about Buddha, geography, Early Hinduism, Indus Valley, an interactive timeline and writing. Interactive learning activites will challenge students.
Numerous topics about Ancient and Modern India are offered for teachers and students. Power Point presentations,videos, a reader's theatre, Indian stories and folktales are given. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides numerous topics for the study of Ancient India. Topics include: history, environment, religion, clothing, science, economy, games, food, people, art, architecture, and literature. Crafts, projects and teacher guide are included. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides an abundance of information on topics such as gods and goddesses, history, sports and games of Ancient India. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This brief video clip describes how yoga heals the body. NOTE: A brief video ad precedes the clip.
This site provides a brief video clip which describes the origin and value of the number zero. NOTE: This video clip is preceded by a video ad.
A brief video clip which describes how the spinning wheel revolutionized the making of cloth. NOTE: A brief video ad precedes this clip.
This link provides a brief videoclip on how tools and weapons were made in Ancient India. NOTE: A brief video ad precedes the clip.
This site features several brief videos which discuss aspects of Indian life and culture. NOTE: Each video is preceded by a short ad.
These sites have information about India's history, geography, language, culture, animals, and art. Listen to audio files to hear sounds of Indian musical instruments. Also includes maps, many photographs, and some videos.

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