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Writing: Letters of Apology

This site provides links writing letters of apology in writing instruction. Several interactive sites are provided for students to practice writing letters of apology. Additional sites provides springboards for discussion of making apologies and how to translate feelings into a letter of apology. Includes eThemes Resources on Letter Writing for Upper Grades.


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Here are instructions for writing an apology letter. There are links to related articles on apology letter writing and videos are provided. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Watch this video on Dealing with Anger to initiate discussion on how to handle anger and apologize. Play games under "Emotions" tab-Story Strips, Go Go Diego! and Send an E-card as an apology. View "Friends" tab for topics on apologizing.
This text and audio link provides examples on how to apologize, when to apologize, and why an apology doesn't always fix things. Use this information to build discussion prior to letter writing. Can also be heard in Spanish.
Use this interactive tool with students to teach the parts of a letter and provide practice in letter writing
Two sample letters of apology are provided along with recommendations for stationary and guidelines for short letters and notes.
Use this interactive format to practice writing a personal or business letter. Even sample stationary is provided.
These sites provide examples of friendly, business letters, and persuasive writing. Includes explanations on the different parts of letters,writing tips, and classroom activities. There are also information on cover letters, thank you notes, and how to accentuate the positives. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Writing: Letters: Friendly, Business, and Thank You and Writing: Persuasion.

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