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Seasons: Autumn Crafts and Games

These websites have autumn crafts, activities, and games. There are interactive quizzes, printable worksheets and activities, recipes, and fall poems. Also included are links to eThemes on fall harvest, leaves changing colors in autumn, Halloween and the Day of the Dead.


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Answer the seven questions about autumn in this interactive quiz.
Try this word scramble for young students.
Try this game of hangman for young students.
Here are several fall crafts for younger students.
Here are four autumn activity ideas.
Here is an activity you can do when the leaves change colors.
Read excerpts from poems about Fall by famous poets. NOTE: This site includes pop-up and banner ads.
Here is an index of fall themed printable activities and worksheets.
These sites are about the history of America's Halloween celebration and Mexico's Day of the Dead (also known as Dia de los Muertos). Learn about the origins and customs of these holidays and compare their similarities.
These sites cover the fall season and related topics such as apples, pumpkins, autumn equinox, and leaves. Also learn how other cultures celebrate fall.
These sites have a variety of crafts, games, and activities relating to Halloween. Includes educational sites with a Halloween theme that have students complete word problems, write poetry, and test reading comprehension. Other sites have games and craft activities that are just for fun.

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