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Business: Market Research for Small Businesses

This site provides information on market research for small businesses. Included is information on what marketing is, how to gather marketing information, and how to start a business. There are also examples of student-created businesses activity and how to write a business plan.


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This site provides numerous brief articles from "What is Marketing?" to "Putting the Marketing Plan Together". NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site features sixteen articles on how to market a company so it will grow. NOTE: This site contains ads.
In this lesson, students will learn how to identify the market areas of some of the major retailers in their community. Students will be invited to create a business plan and a request for a bank loan after learning about "threshold" and "range".
This site from the U.S. Small Business Administration includes information and resources that will help entrepreneurs begin at any stage of the business lifecycle.
This downloadable and printable PDF includes information of how to draw up a marketing plan for your business.
This site challenges students to engineer cell phones to market to senior citizens or middle school students based on research about their needs. Students learn to research and design for a real work task.
This YouTube video provides step-by-step instruction and templates for starting a business. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This simulation game permits students to design a budget for their business which includes setting the unit price, production levels, marketing expenses, and research and development costs. There is a school-based version of the simulation available from local Junior Achievement office including lesson plans and teacher resources.
This site provides an activity for students to discuss "marketing" a charter school to potential students. NOTE: Site includes a blog.
Students use this site to listen to the Marketplace audio file, make notes, and take a short quiz based on the notes.
Through this site, students will learn how entrepreneurs develop a business plan; they also learn about potential risks and profits involved in starting a business.

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