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Teaching Tips: Using Think-Alouds

This site provides information for educators to teach the reading strategy of Think-Aloud. There are sites that suggest books that can be used with students to practice this skill. Instructional podcasts are also provided to explain this strategy and how to use it with students to improve comprehension.


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This site provides a guided lesson for teachers when teaching students the Think-Aloud reading strategy.
This site provides information for educators preparing to teach the Think-Aloud reading strategies. This page has a link to podcasts which provide guided instruction for teaching this skill.
This site provides a lesson using Jan Brett's Goldilocks and the Three Bears and think-aloud reading strategy.
This is an extensive integrated lesson involving the think-aloud strategy. Art, poetry, technology and reading are used to poetry.
This site provides a guide for teachers when teaching students how to comprehend text.
This site provides teacher instructions for teaching ELL students reading comprehension strategies. Using think-alouds is one of the many strategies given.
This site provides think-aloud strategies for better reading comprehension for autistic students. f
This site provides an informational article about the reading strategy, Think-Alouds. Activities are given, hand-outs and a list of books to use with students for practice.
This site provides an informational article on Think-Alouds and an activity to use with students.
This site provides an activity of creating a "toolbox" of reading strategies. A list of 13 common comprehension strategies is given. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides articles, brief videos, and power point programs on various reading strategies. The strategies are listed in alphabetical order.
This site provides guidelines on using the Think Aloud strategy with students.

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