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Teaching Tips: Digital Citizenship

This site is about digital citizenship and provides safety information on a variety of technology tools. Responsible usage of technology, games and videos are included as well as articles and hand-outs. Curriculum units are free and available upon request or by downloading them. Also included are eThemes Resources on cyberbullying.


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This site provides instruction for educators working with students about digital citizenship. Curriculum is given to teach responsible use of social networking and online communication.
This site, endorsed by American Association of School Librarians and International Society for Technology in Education, provides curriculum on respecting rights of creative content such as music, movies, and software.
Watch a short video about online safety for kids. This site, sponsored by the Federal Government and the technology industry, provides videos, games, and information to assist students to be safe online.
This site provides interactive information, games, and comic books for K-6 students. Parent, kid, and educator sections are given. Kids create their own personal Woogi after learning Cyber Safety rules.
This site provides YouTube videos portraying scenarios of internet problems and solutions. An interview with Mark Zuckerberg and a PBS segment dealing with FaceBook and social technology is given. A Parent's Guide to FaceBook is available for downloading along with additional links for internet safety.
This site offers information on internet safety for children, teen, and parents. The information on gaming, social networking, web surfing, communication and downloading can be emailed to others. Links to other internet safety sites are provided.
This site provides videos for students, guides for educators and tips for parents. This site addresses all aspects of bullying.
This site provides how to handle cyberbullying, what constitutes cyberbullying, and laws dealing with cyberbullying.
This site, hosted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, provides internet safety for kids and teens. A free online safety kit is available upon request.
This site provides complete lessons and information for students, educators,and parents on digital citizenship. Activities, videos, games are included. Registration for curriculum materials is free.
This site provides articles in English and Spanish about internet safety. This site is divided into sections for parents, teens, and kids. Internet safety information is located under the "Safety" tabs. All articles have audio so students and parents may listen to them.
This link provides a seven minute video about a teen and digital citizenship.
This site provides information about how the internet operates, social networking, cyberbullying, privacy, gaming/addiction, predators and exploitation. YouTube videos, pamphlets, and games are included. Links to other internet safety sites are given. This site has information for both elementary and secondary students.
These sites are about cyberbullying. Learn what cyberbullying is, how it works, why people cyberbullly, how to stop it, and what steps to take when encountering bullying. Includes interactive games, cartoons, real-life stories, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resource on Internet Safety and Bullying.

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