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Nobel Prize

Find out about the Nobel Prize and its creator, Alfred Nobel. Read the biographies of Nobel Prize winners and take quizzes about the prize. One website includes a video clip of an interview with two Nobel Prize winners. Includes a link to an eTheme on President Jimmy Carter who won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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This website was created by students and includes the text from Alfred Nobel's will, a history of the prize, quizzes, and information about prize money and the Nobel Prize winners.
Here is an interview with two winners of the Nobel Prize in physics and chemistry. Includes a transcript of the interview as well as a video clip you can watch.
This website created by the Nobel Foundation includes information about prize winners, games, videos about the Nobel Prize, and games.
Learn the history of the Nobel Prize. Includes information about some past winners of the award. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Find out about the women who have won the Nobel Prize. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Read lectures that were given by the women who have won the Nobel Prize. NOTE: The website includes a link to a guestbook.
Here is a list of all Nobel prize winners in physics from 1901 to the present. Click on a name or check the "Quick Facts" link for more information.
Learn more about former president Jimmy Carter and how his experiences during the Great Depression influenced his views. Includes biographies, timelines, photographs, videos, and more. Read about his Nobel Peace Prize and take a virtual tour of his boyhood home. There is a link to eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.
Learn about past Nobel Prize Winners going back to 1901.

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