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Physical Education: Jump Rope

Learn the health benefits of exercise! This site provides facts, a video clip, and power point programs about healthy living through exercise. Students can learn how to create their own jump rope routines through diagrams. Included is an eThemes resources on Health: Physical Education.


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Join in and learn new jump rope stunts, rhymes, and games. Find out about healthy snacks.
This site gives healthy heart facts, information on the heart and circulatory system. Students can take a Heart Quiz and a Jump Quiz.
This link provides information on exercise making a heart happy.
This site provides text and audio information for exercise for kids who do not like organized sports.
This link provides an article with facts about jumping rope for health gains. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This ezine article provides facts about the benefits of jumping rope. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides facts about jump rope and safety tips.
This site provides a brief video, PowerPoint programs, and fact sheets from the Youth Physical Activity Guidelines Toolkit.
Here is information for families on how to become active. A downloadable activity sheet keeps family exercise varied.
This link provides a worksheet for students to create a personal jump rope routine.
Learn the moves with this site from the American Heart Association. Students can view diagrams and instructions using single rope jumping, partner jump skills, and long rope jumping skills.
This site provides information about jump rope basics and links to additional jumping sites.
This site provides video clips of team and individual jump ropers.
These sites provide an overview of different health topics geared toward students. Sites are for teachers who are interested in promoting physical activity. Games, videos, and lesson plans can be found on these sites. Included is an eThemes resource on obesity.

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