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Reading Skills: Author's Purpose

This site provides links to booklists which can be used for instruction on the author’s purpose for writing a book, and various interactive activities to provide your students with practice activities for identifying author’s purpose. A brief video and power point presentations provide an introduction and practice for this language arts skill. Several of the links provide student writing activities to accompany the picturebook study.


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This interactive lesson allows students to practice identifying the author's purpose of certain written passages.
Have your student's practice identifying the author's purpose with this interactive activity.
Use this flash animation to review author's purpose with your students.
This five-page PDF provides mini lessons for teaching author's purpose to your students.
These resources for teaching author's purpose include: an author's purpose chart, author's purpose bookmark, author's purpose and tone of voice, graphic organizer, and identifying persuasive text. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides PowerPoint presentations and a video to practice the skill of author's purpose.
This site discusses how the writer uses various phrases, words, and techniques to persuade the listener. A list of books using persuasion is given.
Here are recommended books arranged by themes. Select books from a particular theme to teach author's purpose for writing the book.
See this annotated book list that matches picture books to a comprehension strategy. Topics include: using prior knowledge,questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, and evaluating.
Here is a worksheet for students to complete after reading an informational book. Students fill in author's purpose, new vocabulary, and supporting details.
This site provides a mini-lesson using the picture book, "Martin's Big Words". Students will listen to and read books about Martin Luther King, Jr. to understand his quotes and his "big" words. A writing activity is also included.
This site provides a lesson plan using "Snowflake Bentley" as a framework to examine the author's purpose. Students will be able to create a multigenre piece about winter.
This site provides lessons using an informative picturebook. Small groups of students will read "Ben's Dream" by Chris VanAllsburg. Next they will research and write a book about a landmark.
This site provides a lesson using paired reading of a fiction and a nonfiction book on the same topic. Students read the books and discuss them based on a list of techniques that fiction writers and nonfiction writers use. NOTE: This site contains ads.

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